The best time of the year

YAY …. (she says before the summer starts)… I love this time of year, the promise of a day (maybe two if we are lucky) of sun, fun fairs (oh yes someone remind me to remortgage  so i can pay for the tokens) beach ( darling…stop looking at that naked women …to child!! not hubby!!)  the three seconds of joy when waking up and realising that you dont have to yell, beg, plead or bribe anyone to get ready for school, before hearing the calls of “I’m booooooored”.

One of the things I love best about this time of year is the writing of poems, as class mum (yes, when my daughter started school, I did think it would be the public spirited thing to do, and offered to be class mum….mistake…biggg mistake) I have the joy of buying teachers presents, once I have finished hearing from some mums about how much everyone should give, and the complaints about how much,not enough, having 25 kids in schools and going bankrupt, are finished I can settle down and write poems.

Uh, the joy of when the brain is in creative mode, when the words just flow, when you know what to say and don’t have to google “what rhymes with”even once. 

Tonight was one of those nights, and here, lovely reader are the 3 poems I wrote this evening, one for the teachers, one for the bus drivers and one for the secretaries. Enjoy!


As another year passes

For a while no more classes

All your hard work we truly appreciate

There is just no way we can reciprocate

we know how much you invest in each child

Even when they are going completely wild


How you manage to stay calm

Every day You keep them from harm

Giving them the tools and education

Until the time comes for the summer vacation


The bell rings at the end of each day

As you smile and see our children on their way

We know you do not go home and relax

We understand how you work to the max


As a teacher you inspire a life long passion for learning

For knowledge you create a yearning

You have taken our children by their hand

Taught them gently, till they understand


You have started the journey on which our children will embark

Know that on their hearts you have left a mark.

Thank you is not suffice

Whether we say it once or twice.


At the start of the day, we wave goodbye

Knowing we do not have to frown or sigh

Whether it is sunny, or cold, or the snow is fluttering to the ground

Our children will arrive at school, safe and sound

Every morning as we hear the hoot

Telling our kids “hurry up…scoot”

On the bus drivers we know we can rely

Which means we don’t need to stress, or have a little cry

“it my turn in the front”

“I dropped my ball, can I go on the floor to hunt”

“ I want some music playing”

“Driver, they are being mean, can you hear what they are saying”

You always stay calm, and have a smile on your face

As you drop each child off in just the right place

So willing to help each one feel at ease

Even when they may not say thank you or please.

Please accept our token of appreciation

From all the parents at (SCHOOL NAME DELETED…BUT IT RHYMED!)

We hope you have some time to relax and unwind

And thanks again for being so kind



I feel sick, I fell and scratched my knee

I need these printed now, where is the cupboard key

The teacher sent me to give this to you

I’m really sorry but I’ve just blocked the loo

Every day you look after our school

I have to say I think you guys rule!

Somehow you always manage to keep your cool

All the children feeling better by sitting on the magic stool

Caring and kind, organised and efficient,

Just to say “thanks” really isn’t sufficient

The pressure each week to get the newsletter out

Before the phone rings and parents start to shout

My son came home without his coat… its cold its only May

My daughter forgot her lunch, can you give her yours just for today

We will be late in coming to school this morning

Sorry, but my darling was just yawning and yawning

I take my hat off to you

Its a talent to do the job that you do

As you close the office door for the last time on Wednesday

Do a happy dance, shout “OOOHHH YAY, OOOOHHH YAY”

Thank you so so much for everything you have done this year.


And finally…. wishing you all best of British luck for the next few weeks!


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