Holocaust Remembrance day.

The Musings of Sara

Recently, I came across a post which made reference to the holocaust, one of the many replies to the post was “You Jews, you’re not seriously harping on about that still”.

This reaction is tragically a common response to Holocaust related articles, movies and lectures.

The word Yid has always had a negative connotation, Urban Dictionary has one definition that reads (I have had to cut out a few of the words)

“A yid is an annoying, short-arsed git, and they generally walk around with their chest puffed out and speaking in an irritating form of the English accent. They usually barrack for XXXX English soccer teams.

They may occasionally go on local soccer forums, telling people to stop bitching about flares at soccer games, when they’re only about 5’2″ themselves… This (among many other things) often causes people to wonder why THEY of all people would bring up terms…

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